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Adult Soccer Options

Great Falls Reston Soccer Club offers 2 options for Adult players:

       **The Over 35 Adult League
       **The Adult Pick-up League (for players over 19)

Our adult leagues have a wide range of skill levels. Don’t let inexperience stop you from playing. After all, these are adult recreational leagues.

Over 35 Adult League
The Over 35 Adult League is registered by team and can accommodate 8 teams each season. These teams play against each other on Tuesday nights in South Reston at either 8:30 or 9:30 PM. Players who turn 35 during the calendar year, are eligible for this program. Teams can be co-ed, but it is not required.

Team registration is $550 per season, paid to Great Falls Reston Soccer Club at the time of registration. Each team captain is responsible for collecting funds and paying for their team. Teams may carry up to 15 players. ALL players MUST register for the team, with a minimum of 8 players. Teams are accepted on a first come first serve basis.

This league plays three seasons (fall, spring & summer), each 11 weeks long (10 games). Teams play 7 vs. 7 (six field players and a goalie) small-sided game, with NO offsides, NO slide tackling, and two 25 minute halves. Otherwise we follow FIFA rules of the game (see complete rules for additional departures from FIFA rules). The games are officiated by GFRSC Referees.

The Over 35 Adult league currently has a wide range of skill levels. Don’t let inexperience stop you from playing. After all, this is an adult recreational league. 

If you have a team you would like to register click here.

If you are a single player looking to be placed on a team, please contact the Over 35 league organizer, Tim Sheeran ([email protected]) or register for our Adult Pick-Up league. 

Adult Pick-up League

Adult Pick-up League (for players over 19)

The Adult Pick-up League is registered by an individual for the entire year (September 1 - August 31). Registered players meet on Monday nights in North Reston/Great Falls. Players who turn 19 during the current calendar year, are eligible for this program. This league is co-ed. Times and locations are sent to registered participants.

Player registration is $100 for the year, paid to Great Falls Reston Soccer Club at the time of registration. ALL players MUST register. We will make every effort to accommodate all of those that wish to play.

This league plays year round. Teams play small-sided, 90 minute games, with or without goalies - depending on who volunteers for the position. The games are officiated by an unofficial ref (meaning someone from the group). The pick-up league does not require uniforms, they use pinnies to differentiate teams. Game rules include NO offsides and NO slide tackling.

NEW players are allowed to take part in two games before deciding whether to join. Players who have previously registered (under Great Falls) are required to register before playing on the field.

The main purpose of course of the pick-up league is to have fun, sweat off some of the stress accumulated during the week, and to see familiar faces. While the games can be competitive, this is not the main goal, so any player who is looking for competition should either join the over 35 league or another similar league.

If you would like to register click here.

If you have questions about the Adult Pick-up league, please contact the organizer, Rudy Bertile at [email protected]

Here are the most important rules regarding these games:
-ZERO TOLERANCE for physical/verbal abuse. Any player caught cursing at another individual or/and bullying someone else will be asked to sit on the bench for 5 minutes. After the second offense of the same nature (or physical abuse) the player will be asked to remain on the bench for the remainder of the game. Any player caught physically assaulting another player will be asked to leave the field immediately until the end of the game, and may be subject to additional sanctions.
-Fouls are called by the offender/"victim" or by the designated unofficial ref (if nearby).
-Teams are decided at the field and are made by the designated organizer (chosen be the league commissioner) in order to have a balanced game (based on level and skill). Teams are not made based on friendship nor family affiliation. The season is a year long, friends and family will have plenty of opportunities to play on the same team. The designated organizer(s) may ask another player to make the teams in order to diversify them.

Registration Listing

2022 Fall Sunday Soccer Pickup Program

The Sunday Soccer pickup program offers a friendly environment for adults and older youth players to play small sided games.

Players must register and pay the registration fee along with completing the necessary waiver forms.

Time is typically reserved for pick up on Sundays from 8-10am. There may be occasions when fields become available during the weeknights. Your pickup soccer coordinator will let you know when those become available.


Sunday Soccer Pickup


2022-23 Adult Soccer PickUp

Great Falls Reston Soccer offers an adult soccer pick-up league for those over 19 years of age. 

Registration is valid from September 1 to August 31 each year.

This is for registering as an individual to play in the Monday night adult pick-up league in North Reston/Great Falls area.

ALL players MUST register in the system as Great Falls Reston Soccer is required to report participation to the County in order to obtain permits.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Rudy, manager of the Adult PickUp program.

Adult Soccer Pick-up League


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