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Referee Program - FAQs

*How do I become a referee?

The Great Falls Reston Referee Program requires its officials to be at least 13 years of age. To become a referee, you must complete the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) certification course for Game Officials. The course is a combination of classroom and online modules of practical instruction for New Referees held prior to each season, usually over the span of a week, and must be passed to get your referee badge.

To register for the New Referee course, go to the State of Virginia’s Soccer Officials website and click the tab marked ‘Clinic Listing (View Only)’ to locate the class in the North Area that best fits your schedule. Go back to the home page and read the directions to register to become a referee. This is a two step process and will take some time.

*At which level should I start?

The Great Falls Reston Referee Program recommends that New Referees begin at Grade 8; this has nothing to do with the grade you are in at school but refers to the level of officiating you qualify for through the certification course. Should you choose to certify at Grade 9, you can always upgrade later.

*How much will it cost?

Initial registration with the State of Virginia is $75. Your gear will be approximately $50-$65. At the end of each registration year, in order to remain a registered official you have to re-certify–presently also $75. There is no cost to register with the Great Falls Reston Referee Program. Fees are subject to change and are not set by Great Falls Reston Soccer Club.

*What gear do I need?

You will need referee shorts (not basketball shorts), a yellow referee jersey, black referee socks with 3 white stripes, black shoes (black sneakers or black cleats), a watch with a stop-watch function, a set of flags, referee data wallet with red and yellow cards, game report forms, and a whistle. A bag to put all this in is also helpful.

*How are games assigned to me?
All games are obtained through an official Referee Assignor. To work with the Great Falls Reston Referee Program, you will need to register separately at Click on the ‘Referees’ tab and follow the prompts at the bottom of the page. Games are assigned based on the age level of the teams and your level of experience. The Referee Program’s Assignor is Ian Winstanley at [email protected].

*Is there a mentoring program? 
Yes. The Referee Program’s mentors walk the fields on game days and offer advice and support to all our officials. Each season (Spring and Fall) begins with a pre-season meeting and all of our referees are expected to attend, especially newly certified officials. 

*How much will I get paid? 
This depends on the age level of the game and whether you are a center referee or an assistant referee.  The Great Falls Reston Referee Program pay scale is distributed to all attendees at the pre-season meetings. The center referee on each game is required to submit a game report online to the Assignor in order to get paid. 

*When will I get paid?

Each season, the Great Falls Reston Referee Program issues a mid-s
eason paycheck and an end of season paycheck (usually 2-3 weeks after the season ends).

Referee Program

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