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Hard work achieves results. We take a two-pronged approach to training in the GFR Elite Academy: (1) training as a team, and (2) personalized development training by the player on his/her own and with teammates.

We employ a three plus one (3 + 1) team training schedule. Teams will hold three practices a week with an extra fourth practice from time-to-time. Weekly practice will include performance specific training for speed and agility. The plus 1 extra practice, called at the discretion of coaching staff, will focus on specific learning for technical or tactical improvement or in preparation for a competitive event.

A key feature of the GFR Elite Academy is personalized development training to advance player personal development and contribution to the team. Personalized development training is four-part: (1) an actionable individual development plan (“IDP”) for each player, (2) execution of the IDP by the player, (3) development progress tracking with technology applications, and (3) opportunities for training and competition, and progress monitoring by the Director of Player Development & Opportunity (“PDO Director”). This is the work-intensive but exciting foundation for the player, coach, and PDO Director where hard work can more quickly translate into results.

The IDP will be prepared and adapted by the PDO Director in consultation with the coach, player and parents, and player tracking data from digital technology applications. The IDP for each player is designed to put actionable player improvement check list and guidance in place for players to use as a baseline and barometer in their development progression. The player has to commit and execute the IDP. Player progress will be tracked by technology applications like UNO by Playermaker and INSTAT in combination with VEO or other video programming. Personalized development training is implemented through several formats including, individual work on his/her own, specific player drills during regular practice time, additional private or small group training, and other opportunities for additional training, competition, and learning coordinated by the PDO Director.

Personalized development training serves several roles. It encourages individual effort, dedication, and motivation. It supports players needing a bit more time to continue developing areas needing improvement. For players who are good in multiple sports and not ready to pick or be put in a situation to pick one sport, player development training provides an opportunity to explore further development as a soccer player. For the fully committed players ready for an advanced level, it provides opportunity to push their limits and develop increasingly advanced soccer skills. 




For more information, please contact Rado Pletka, Elite Academy Director, at [email protected].

Or, review our FAQs page.

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